AJ Tracey – Flu Game

Prominent Ladbroke Grove rapper AJ Tracey has recently dropped his sophomore album, ‘Flu Game’. AJ Tracey delivers a masterpiece, exhibiting his genius lyricism and versatile sound.

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AJ Tracey’s progression in the music industry has rocketed sky-high. Only becoming a force to recognise with in the Grime scene didn’t make the Ladbroke Grove rapper comfortable. Instead, AJ Tracey decided to expand his sound beyond the sub-genre and create multiple quality music in different genres such as R&B Rap, Garage and Drill. This desire to be versatile has shaped the recent project he has released called ‘Flu Game’.

‘Flu Game’ is a phenomenal sophomore album for the Ladbroke Grove rapper. AJ Tracey exhibits in this body of work that he has mastered his versatile sound creating quality of music to high standards. From the singles, AJ released such as ‘Bringing it Back’ featuring Digga D, ‘West Ten’ featuring Mabel, ‘Dinner Guest’ featuring MoStack and Anxious, the UK fanbase knew this album would be one of 2021s best work. ‘Flu Game’ also features other prominent names such as NAV, T-Pain, Kehlani, SahBabii and many more.

The album’s title, ‘Flu Game’, is named after the Michael Jordan 1997 Game 5 finals match up. AJ Tracey took advantage of his title to reference basketball events in shaping a few of his lyrics. Some of his best bars referred to basketball, mainly in his tunes ‘Kukoč’ featuring Nav, ‘West Ten’, and ‘Eurostep’. His playful puns added to the tracks’ vibrant ambience, especially in ‘West Ten’, as it contributed to the song’s catchy buzz accompanied by the Garage-type instrumental.

The Ladbroke Grove artist took the opportunity to present his versatility. He successfully formulated various sounds for the album, where he created Drill songs such as ‘Bringing It Back’, ‘Kukoč’, and ‘Cheerleader’. All three songs had a lively mood, which differs from his other tracks, such as ‘Coupé’ and ‘Summertime Shootout’. These tunes used an R&B Rap-type beat for the production, enabling AJ to switch his flow to a relaxing vibe, giving the songs a soothing pleasure. His last tune, ‘West Ten’, used a Garage-type instrumental, having a vibrant energy similar to his Drill songs but is friendlier in tone.

AJ, throughout the years, has grown into a phenomenal artist, expanding his sound in different genres, which is a skill he has revealed to have mastered in this album. His lyricism remains at a high standard, evidently manifested in his witty wordplay.

Check out ‘Flu Game’ below. This album will have you bopping your head throughout the entire listening experience.

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